Learn Artificial Intelligence : The 7 Best AI Courses on the Internet

The ground breaking advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is creating tremendous opportunities for transforming industries and virtually every aspect of our existence.

The demand for people well versed with AI skill-set is exploding and it is expected to generate over 50 million new jobs in the coming years.

There are thousands of educational materials out there for learning Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, much of AI Tutorials and Courses are without Graded Assignments or Peer Feedback and have a poor quality.

So, I decided to inspire your AI journey by compiling the best courses from the world-class educators, so that you can learn to create AI powered applications that can give you an edge in becoming a skilled AI — Engineer/ Scientist/ Researcher/ Practitioner.

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First Off, If you are an Engineer, a developer, a researcher, or a Ai Student — Mathematics is exceedingly important for a rewarding and successful career in AI.

So, If you need to tighten your grips on the basics or improve your understanding about the advanced topics, I’ve got you a few practical reads for you. One about Maths for Machine Learning and one about Probability for Data Science

If you are an absolute beginner with no your background in Programming or Maths, you can still enroll in Beginner Level AI Courses (listed below) to understand the potential of AI for your organization and become highly prepared in AI journey.

Note: This compilation will be modified at least once every quarter to ensure that the courses are relevant and updated.

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Now, without a further ado, let’s get started.


Learn Artificial Intelligence — The 7 Best AI Courses from the World-Class Educators.

This compilation of Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses and Specialization is suitable for Beginners, Intermediate Learners as well as Advanced Learners.


AI For Everyone 

AI For Everyone Course is offered by deep learning AI, and delivered via Coursera under the leadership of an Artificial Intelligence Pioneer – Andrew Ng, who is a Co-Founder of Coursera, Landing AI and Adjunct Professor at Stanford University.

First, You receive an in depth introduction to AI, and build a basic understanding of Machine Learning and Learn Deep Learning with non-technical explanation and compelling examples.

Next, You will learn what AI can and cannot do to help you accurately spot opportunities to apply AI to solve problems in your own organization.

Finally, You will also learn about efficiently working on Machine Learning and Data Science projects. And, become familiar with ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI.

AI For Everyone

Is it right for you?

This specialization has over 135K + enrollments and aims at helping learners to become better at using AI, regardless of their technical background.

This course is suitable for beginners and engineers can also take this course to edify themselves with the business aspects of AI.

By the end of this course, You be highly equipped with a solid understanding of how to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company.

GO TO COURSE https://www.coursera.org/learn/ai-for-everyone


Introduction to AI

This course is designed by IBM and delivered via Coursera by IBM Technical Instructors who teach about the ground breaking technologies around the globe.

First, You will learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and explore the latest use cases and commonly used applications of AI by the leading companies.

Next, You will understand key AI concepts and terms like machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. And also, demonstrate AI in action with a mini project.

Finally, You will be learn about the various issues and concerns surrounding AI such as ethics and bias, & jobs, and get advice from experts about having a more successful career in AI.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Is it right for you?

This course is suitable for everyone. No prior background in computer science or any programming experience is required.

This courses has been designed to introduce learners to the basics of AI regardless of any technical background.

Upon the successful completion of this course, You will become highly prepared for more advanced courses and will have gained basic familiarity about AI in action.

GO TO COURSE https://www.coursera.org/learn/introduction-to-ai


Artificial Intelligence A Z: Learn How To Build An AI

Udemy.com LogoThis highly-rated course for learning How to build an Artificial Intelligence is designed by Super Data Science Team and delivered via Udemy by Kirill Eremenko and Hadelin de Ponteves.

First, You will understand the theory behind Artificial Intelligence, Then you will learn to code self-improving AI for a range of purposes, including but not limited to making a virtual Self-Driving Car.

Next, You will learn how to solve real-world problems with AI and receive a deep overview about Q-Learning, Deep Convolution Q-Learning and Deep Q-Learning.

Finally, You will use your skills to make AI models to beat games and learn about A3C.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z™- Learn How To Build An AI

Is it right for you?

This course is suitable for learners with basic knowledge of Python for Data Science or understanding about Machine Learning with Python and High School Maths.

Upon the successful completion of this course and hands-on exercises, you will become a skilled practitioner of the state of the art AI models and highly prepared to learn advanced AI concepts.

GO TO COURSE https://www.udemy.com/artificial-intelligence-az/


AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization

AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization is designed by IBM and delivered via Coursera by IBM Technical Instructors; Rav Ahuja, who is a Data Science Program Director at IBM and Antonio Cangiano, who is a Software Developer and Technical Evangelist at IBM Developer Skills Network.

This specialization is designed to give learners a firm understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its applications and use cases across various industries.

Moreover, You will learn about IBM Watson AI Services to create intelligent virtual assistants and gain deeper understanding of pre-built AI smarts that can be leveraged in different scenarios.

AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization

Is it right for you?

If your understanding about Artificial Intelligence is a big question mark, then this specialization will intellectually bootstrap your abilities and help you get on grips with key concepts in AI.

Furthermore, If you have any technical experience, you will definitely love this specialization and certainly get ahead.

By the end of this Foundations Specialization and hand-on labs exercise, You will be equipped with the applied understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

GO TO COURSE https://www.coursera.org/specializations/ai-foundations-for-everyone


IBM Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate Specialization

This  AI Professional Certificate Specialization is designed by IBM Cognitive Class and delivered via Coursera by the IBM Technical Instructors.

First, You will gain a solid understanding about the basics of AI and learn about its practical use cases. You will also become familiar with Watson AI services, and apply your skills to build AI applications.

Next, You will take a deep dive to get a firm applied understanding of Machine Learning and Deep Learning for solving some real-world problems.

Finally, You will apply your skills to building AI models with modern tools and frameworks like Scikitlearn, Keras, PyTorch and Tensorflow.

IBM Artificial Intelligence Professional Certificate

Is it right for you?

This specialization is suitable for beginners who have a limited to no understanding of AI or have no programming experience.

Furthermore, If you prefer hands-on exercise, you will richly benefit from the course content and gain life long skills.

Upon the successful completion of this Professional Specialization, You will have completed several projects showcasing your proficiency in Applied AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

GO TO COURSE https://www.coursera.org/specializations/ibm-artificial-intelligence-professional-certificate


Advanced AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

This Advanced AI Course is designed by Lazy Programmer Inc and delivered via Udemy by a highly-skilled (anonymous) data scientist/big data engineer with an impressive resume.

This course aims at equipping learners with the solid understanding about the applications of deep learning and neural networks to reinforcement learning.

You will also learn to work with more complex environments, specifically, those provided by the OpenAI Gym.

Advanced AI- Deep Reinforcement Learning in Python

Is it right for you?

This course is suitable for professionals and students with strong technical backgrounds who wish to learn advanced concepts to build state of the art AI.

This course assumes good knowledge of Statistics, Mathematics, Python, TensorFlow, MDPs and more.

Upon the successful completion of this course and hands-on exercise, You will become highly effective in your AI projects, whatever that may be!

GO TO COURSE https://www.udemy.com/deep-reinforcement-learning-in-python/


If you want to learn TensorFlow, I’ve got you covered in this piece about the Best TensorFlow Courses on the Internet.


Applied AI with Deep Learning

This course “Applied AI with Deep Learning” is part of IBM Advanced Data Science Course which is also delivered via Coursera.

First, You will learn the basics of Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Time Series Analysis, and many other disciplines in the field of AI. And also, you will learn the fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Neural Networks.

Next, You will learn the basics of popular DeepLearning Frameworks like Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, DeepLearning4J and Apache SystemML.

Finally, You will learn the Anomaly Detection, Time Series Forecasting, Image Recognition and Natural Language Processing by building up models using Keras on real-life examples from Financial Marked Data, IoT Literature and Image Databases.


Is it right for you?

This is a highly advanced course and assumes solid background in math and at least 2 or 3 years experience in python or any other programming language.

Importantly, This course will equip you with the solid understanding of scaling Artificial Brains using Kubernetes, Apache Spark and GPUs.

If you’ve ever wanted to become better at Deep Learning and make use of AI Application, then this course is suitable for you to to gain AI skill-set and learn about the various intricacies of Artificial Intelligence.

GO TO COURSE https://www.coursera.org/learn/ai


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